About the IPA CBC Programme “Bulgaria-FYROM 2007-2013”
IPA Bulgaria-FYROM 2007-2013


Successful initiatives

Thanks to the consultations under on the project it was registered a new company located in Kraishte village, the municipality of Belitsa. The company "Medina 2008" Ltd. launched with the aim of development of the economic potential in the cross-border region. As a result of the consultations and assistance provided by the project team, the company "Medina 2008" Ltd. hired an unemployed person under an employment contract. Under the project were developed twelve business plan presentations, some of which are still in progress.

In FYROM as a result of the successfuly completed trainings and gained knowledge on entrepreneurship one of the participants decided to register as selfemployed person. and to establish own company cosmetic studio "Divine" - Kriva Palanka. The cmpany has a wide range of services and the customers include local persosns as well as tourists from the cross-border region. In addition three other participants in the trainings were employed by local companies operating the area of accounting services, catering, technical services and auto insurance. Some of the others participants in the trainings are in a process of realization of teir ideas.