About the IPA CBC Programme “Bulgaria-FYROM 2007-2013”
IPA Bulgaria-FYROM 2007-2013


Business ideas

After the project "Entrepreneurial Club," from the FYROM team, there were generated and developed 16 business ideas, and written 9 business plans. There were selected 6 business plans for both competitions in FYROM and Bulgaria, for which presentations were prepared as well:

•  Go green – company for bicycle rent and organized tours with various agendas, including visits to the tourist and cultural/historical sites in Kriva Palanka and the border region. The business plan is focused on the domestic and foreign tourists in Kriva Palanka, encompassing an improvement of the tourist services in the municipality with a new value, utilization of bicycles and tour guides.

•  Fresh & Clean - local laundry for the citizens and the tourist accommodation facilities to exploit the benefits of cheaper washing. The business plan is focused on the citizens in Kriva Palanka, and comprises of a new customers’ need for washing and drying clothes.

•  Edelvajs – company for baked goods, for utilizing the professional skills of citizens in the Kriva Palanka region, as well as for attracting attention and increasing the interest of the domestic and foreign tourists. The business plan is focused on improving the offer of baked goods.

•  New Vision - company for intellectual services and trade. The business plan is focused on the local citizens in Kriva Palanka and the region, including a permanent need for informal education of the citizens. Answers were provided to most questions related to planning and leading a business for satisfying the chosen needs.

•  White Car - company for providing a luxury car to festivities. The business plan is focused on citizens in the Kriva Palanka region, including an improvement of the offer for transport services during festivities and events.

•  Guest House FAGUS - company for providing tourist services for rural tourism. The business plan is focused on domestic and foreign tourists, including an improvement of the offer for rural tourism services. There is a big market potential and the chances for success are related to promotion and the capabilities for networking with associations for biking, environmental protection, tourist unions and agencies.

Business ideas

Under the project "Club of the entrepreneur" were developed twelve business plan presentations, as follows:

Studio for Sport Dance "Dezi" - Belitsa Municipality

The business plan includes the creation of a dance school in the town of Belitsa. The school will be mainly visited by children and students and it’ll help the cultural development of the participants.

Travel agency – Belitsa Municipality

The business plan provides the creation of a travel agency that offers tourism product in Rila, Pirin and Rhodope Mountains. The service will include hotel accommodation, tours on mountain trails, go sightseeingto the three mountains and so on.

Development of a construction company "Barry" Ltd.

Business concept provides the startup of a new production for tiles and other concrete elements of innovative building materials. The production will be offered abroad and it’s designed for sidewalks and public squares.

Cheese production "Pirin" Ltd.

A new business with dairy products will be started in the region of Belitsa, Yakoruda, Razlog and Dobrinishte. It’ll be relied on environmentally friendly products from milk obtained from ecologically clean areas.